The Road

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by David Cortez

Life as a child which should be so dear,
But for me the trials just mounted the fears:
The voices so loud with turmoil amiss,
How can I survive this life in such a mess.

I saw other families, which I thought were so nice,
But as for and my siblings it was such a fright.
How could this happen, what could I have done,
When all I ever wanted was love and some fun.

With voices rising and hands lifted high,
Its was all I could do but run and hide.
I would ask this question to myself so many times,
Is every family like this or is it just mine.

The years have rolled by with no relief in sight,
But still I am hoping with all of my might.
In my ignorance I'd say, dear God where are you?
And the next minute waving my fist right at Him too.

The years have rolled by with fears and frustration,
I'm finally out of there, I say with such elation.
But my heart can not shake what has been embedded,
With all the darkness and how I have fed it.

Just do what I want and what ever feels good,
Not thinking of anything when I knew that I should.
I figured that's life and that's the way it goes,
Who's really happy because I sure don't know.

But in a blink of a moment I heard the good news,
That Jesus still loved me and would take away my blues.
Could this be possible that He died for me?
He paid the price for all of us you see.

The heart that was empty is full with His love,
And I know that it came… from up above.
The darkness has left me and the light has come in,
Because my savior has paid for my sins.

by David Cortez

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