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Understanding Spiritual Warfare 2: Know Your Enemy

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Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin

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I. Introduction
A. What this Book is About
B. Organization of Thoughts
II. Definitions of Satanism
III. A Principle of Warfare: Know Your Enemy
IV. First, Be Lead by the Spirit of God
A. The Holy Ghost Teaches Us
B. The Voice of God (Holy Spirit)
V. Compare Everything Against the Word of God


VI. Discerning Satan at Work
A. Discerning Tongues in the Church
1. The Dividing of the Language
2. Reunification of the Language
3. Orderly Use of Tongues Required
4. Personal Need for Interpretation
 5. Satan Uses Tongues Also
6. Characteristics of God's Voice
7. Personal Experiences
B. Discerning Spirits
VII. The Bible's View of Satanism
A. Contact Forbidden
B. Witchcraft
C. Familiar Spirits
D. Divination
E. Magicians
F. Necromancy
G. Soothsayers
H. Sorcery
I. A Simple Look at the Issue


VIII. The Attack on Children
A. Dreams & Visions
B. Cartoons
C. Toys & Dolls
D. The Destructiveness of the Santa Myth
IX. Dreams and Dreaming
A. God's Dreams/Visions to his People
B. Nightmares from Satan
C. Understanding Dreams
D. Ask God To Control Your Sleep
E. Personal Experience
X. How To Activate God's Protection In Your Life
A. Put on the Whole Armour of God
1. The Power of the Lord
2. Loins Girth about with Truth
3. Breastplate of Righteousness
4. Feet Shod (Gospel of Peace)
5. Shield of FAITH
6. Helmet of Salvation
7. Sword of the Spirit
8. Watch and Pray
B. Guard Your Senses
C. Resist the Devil
D. Scriptures of Comfort
E. Speak the Word out Loud
F. Ministering Angels are there to Preserve Us
G. God will Help Hold You Up
XI. Ministering in Power
XII. What Will You Do
XIII. Other Reading Materials


XIV. Occult Symbols

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