The Answer

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Dawn M. Jones

  My heart longs to recognize your voice

I want so much for you to guide my way

Please, be the light of my life, I pray!

I read my bible and pray

In hopes to build a relationship with you

But in times of confusion, worry, and despair

I look to you for quick answers that just aren't there

All I recognize are unanswered prayers

I get lonely, bitter, and angry to say the least

When I don't feel your presence by my side

Where do I turn when things aren't going right?

I feel weak, like a failure, when I start to doubt

For how long do I need to cry my heart out?

I believe you can hear

So what's the delay?

When will you answer my prayers, I pray?!

Look to the bible for this is your roadmap home

All the answers to your questions are within

If you open this book of life

You will find

Gods love for you is unconditional

And He Is present in your life at all times

To everything there is a purpose

And Gods timing is perfect with His Will for our lives

And He Is Never Late

Through His son Jesus, you are saved by grace

Because you Believe.

Let go of your worries

And let God guide your way

For This Is The Answer To Your Prayers


Dawn M. Jones

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