A New Wineskin for His Glory

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by Sharon Culbertson

     The doctor at the medical school peered at my medical records then he looked up at me, then back to my records, then to me, to my records once again and up at me for one last time before he squinted at me and said, "You're too old to be having another baby."

     I'm 50 years younger than Sarah -- I figured a nice Jewish man had heard of Sarah!

     He proceeded to tell me that they weren't sure how this pregnancy would turn out. I told him not to worry, it would be all right, for you see, just the day before this appointment the Lord had given me a scripture.  He then said "How can you be so sure?"  "Oh, because I have it in writing," I said.  "How can you possibly have it in writing?" "He said, "I'm the doctor."  I then shared with him the scripture.  It was Phil. 1:6 that declares "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."  The Lord created (began) this good work (this child) in me and He would complete it.

     As my pregnancy continued, the Lord continued to minister to me through His Work -- and for some strange reason it was always in the New Testament during those months.

     When they strongly suggested that I have an amniocentesis test, to determine the health of the baby, I told them it was unnecessary because I already knew the health of my child. They looked at me with a puzzled stare until I showed them the scripture in the Word that said my child was "fearfully and wonderfully made".

     As it got closer to me due date, my doctors really became nervous because the baby was breech and not showing any signs of turning around, A breech baby constitutes a C-Section.

     You see, I had already had 5 C-Sections and had been told I could never have another abdominal surgery -- NO MATTER WHAT.  If this baby had been born 13 months later, I would had babies in 4 different decades.

     In fact, one day finding myself pregnant yet again, I took my maternity clothes out of the closet and found the dresses had mini- skirts and the pants were bell bottoms! Was God telling me the end was near or would I be like Sarah -pregnant at 90?

     In any event, during my 5th C-Section they cut my bladder trying to get the baby out. In the recovery room my heart stopped and my blood pressure went to 60/40. They do frown on that!  They revived me and put me in ICU, then after 8 days in the hospital, I came home with a word of caution NEVER to get pregnant again or they (all our local doctors) would send me to the nearest Medical School.

     So, as I went into labor with this 7th child (and a breech delivery too), there was an entire OB/GYN staff not sure what would happen. Several weeks earlier my doctors had told me there was no case of any woman ever having 5 C-Sections and then giving birth naturally (they said there had been 3 women who had each had 4 C-Sections and been given a "trial of labor" but 2 of them had ruptured their uterus and the 3rd one did deliver). They said they would have to give me a trial of labor but it would have to be done in the Operating Room.

     About this same time (about 6 months into my pregnancy) as I was reading the Word one day, I came across the story about the Wineskins -- it was then the Lord ministered to me saying, "Daughter, don't you see -- I have placed new wine into a new wineskin and your uterus shall not ruptured under the pressure of labor and delivery. It is a vessel for My Glory." He then washed me in that beautiful Peace that Passes all Understanding and I knew that I knew that I knew it would turn out all right!

     As my contractions continued the nurses became more and more excited and would say, "When this is all over, your doctors are going to write a paper on you."

     As I lay on the operating table, with close to a dozen doctors and nurses in attendance (you see EVERYONE had to be called in, just in case ... I focused on Jesus and His Strength, His Love, His Promise and His Personal Promise to me about the Wineskins and His Peace. You see, because the only way they could determine if my uterus was rupturing was from the pain -- I couldn't even have an aspirin let alone a pain killer so ..........

     After 27 hours in labor with many medical staff in attendance (but most of all, the Lord in attendance), Jordan Elias Culbertson was born and born breech.

     The Lord won't share HIS GLORY WITH ANYONE. TO THE GLORY OF GOD!!!

  by Sharon Culbertson

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