Musical Revelation

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David Williams
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This is an excerpt from David's Published Book,
Life's Lessons and Other Observations".  
You can purchase a copy of his complete work on his website: .  

I recently attended a church service in Oxford, Alabama.  As I entered the sanctuary, I could hear the praise going forth.  Every one was singing as the music played.  I tried my best to sing along, but I believe what I was doing could best be described as a joyful noise.  As I listened to the musicians play the various instruments and the people in the congregation sing, these thoughts came to me.  On stage they were playing different instruments.  In the congregation, there were people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds.  Just as the musicians were able to play their respective instruments together to make a beautiful music, we were able to sing together.  The lyrics to the songs were projected on the screen by an overhead projector.  We were able to read them and sing along.  As we lifted our hands and voice in praise, I thought to myself, "This is as it should be."  I was reminded of the scripture that states, "How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity."  Although the key to the togetherness was worship, the music played an important part.

     The symbolic meaning of the instrument did not escape me.  I saw a parallel between that and the people of the congregation.  Just like the people, each instrument has its own origin.  The Congo drums for example are from the Congo region of Africa.  Latin American workers went to work in the Congo in the early 1900's and brought the drums back across the ocean.  the guitar, which was first called a gittern, was brought back by Arabs when they invaded Spain in 711 AD.  From gitterns the Spaniards developed the guitar and they took it with them when they colonized America.  Bartolommeno Cristofori, an Italian, invented the piano.  From those humble beginnings to a stage in Oxford.  The instruments joined in harmony to make some wonderful music.

     There's a lesson to be gained from those instruments.  If we would only serve our purpose, I believe that we would find that each of us has an important role to play in the symphony of life.  I am reminded of the lyrics to an old song, "Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony.  Side by side on my piano keyboard.  Oh, Lord why can't we?" 

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