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by Rhonda Pasibe
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Please forgive me for I have sinned
and fallen short once again.
I am truely sorry for all those words I spoke
I took you for granted, and laid your work aside
in my heart your light, I did hide
I even lied - to myself
Claiming I was fine,
my inner spirit knew I had crossed the line.
I'd let Satan enter my mind

Even though I know I am not worthy
I beg your forgiveness Father
Please make me whole
Renew my mind, free my spirit and save my soul
Thank you Father for your forgiveness
Your sweet peace is washing over me
Thank you for never giving up on me, I feel I need to witness
Now Satan you must flee
You know my Saviour, Jesus Christ paid the price
On that cross his blood was shed
so that forgiveness may be ours
if only by Jesus we'll be led.

Although to many, Satan you have said
Jesus doesn't exist , or are you crazy , once you're dead you're dead
so live for today, besides if there were a such thing as Jesus would he really
make you pay? Well Satan I declare you are the Father of Lies!
I pray this day that their eyes be opened, the chains taken away
so that all can see how you plot to decieve! You are such a liar
Your ultimate goal to see our souls in the lake of fire!

Satan's mission is to kill
if we choose Jesus
by his stripes we are healed!

Our Salvation Satan wishes to steal
but only at the feet of Jesus
shall I kneel

Satan, You have come to destroy
but your lies have grown thin, your not to coy
Your time is running out, that is why you have turned up the heat
One more name from the Lamb's book of Life you hope to delete
But Glory to God, for you already know the taste of defeat.
For Jesus holds the key, he is the way , and he continues to love us
even if like a little sheep we get astray.
Jesus died and rose again so that we may all be free
if we will just welcome him into our hearts, he will forgive even a sinner
like me.

Satan, you are always there when I fall
pointing, accusing, reminding me of it all
You even have workers to help you along the way
but with me you cannot stay, for by the blood of Jesus I am free
washed clean, forgiven and a prisoner to you I'll not be!

There is a spiritual battle going on right now
for our souls, please make no mistake
time is really drawing near, I feel a need to share this,
but not to encourage fear, to present the facts
we must choose whom we will serve, and we must renew our
selves daily and keep the armor of God on.
We must choose now what our final destination will be
either heaven or hell, if we sit back passivly someone will make the decision
for us, only to happy to oblige
So please don't get caught up in this world or the enemy's lies,
but stay focused on the Lord, and give him the Glory,
after all he is the author,
we are merely a small paragraph in the story.

  by Rhonda Pasibe
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