A Chain Poem

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Author: Shankiea, Shan & Ness

With the very fabric of my being, 
I rise 
With sheer determination, 
I open my eyes 
To see the wonder and the beauty 
Matchless works I have not seen 
For my God has shown himself faithful 
Does anyone know what I mean?

Loud and clear 
I hear 
The mysteries of thy ear 
And feel the wonder of sweet delight 
For in faith I walk, and not by sight 
Climbing up the mountain's peek 
Out from the valley's deep 
I rise 
With sheer determination 
I open my eyes 
From yesterday's slumber and today's low 
Into tomorrow's dreams I go

Soaring like an eagle 
Strong, courageous and free 
Blessed of the Lord and highly favored 
Yearning to serve the Lord, that's me 

Crying when my sister cries 
Celebrating in her times of joy 
The gifts of love and encouragement 
I have chosen to employ

My divine strength and 
Celestial agility 
I rise 
With sheer determination 
I open my eyes 
Conquering my fears and 
Overcoming my doubts 
Energized and rejuvenated 
A serene and liberated 
Clay pot of femininity 
Crafted by God's own hands

Standing on the solid rock 
I lift my head and look to the hills 
Drinking in every bit of serenity 
As my cup my Heavenly Father fills

With tranquility and comfort 
Fortifying my being for the race 
Holding me hand in hand 
Taking me to my destined place

A place where I can be real 
I can be me 
I have come too far 
To turn around 
And too wise 
To be confound 

By the barriers 
That surround me 
Like a never ending story 
I am an open book 
As my climax approaches 
I can feel the excitement 
Of great anticipation 
of what will transpire next

No time for leisure 
I must remain focused 
For the challenge 
Is getting tougher 
And the road a little rougher 
The wolves are howling 
As the winds begin to blow 
I rise 
With sheer determination 
I open my eyes 
To proclaim victory 
In the face of tribulation 
I find strength 
Leaping over life's adversity 
Into eternal tranquility 
I find rest

Feeling power 
rush through my veins 
Lookin' up I see the Father 
Holding the reins 

He holds my destiny 
In the palm of His hand 
My will entwined with His 
His own Master plan 

Pattern and weave 
Purpose and design 
Preordained and taken 
as the most important sign 

Knowin' my fate 
Claimin' His glory 
Taken up higher 
In His will I'm soaring 

A song without words 
a melody in the beginning 
His faithful servant forever 
Forever no endings

The burdens unloaded from my weary heart 
The heaviness of tears lightened by the sun light 
The greatest trial ever faced disposed of 
I take off with the wind into the dark night 
My wings have spread 
My hatred has been defused 
The very catalyst that fuels the fire 
Even had it's very nature skewed 

Bamboozled, hoodwinked, and run a mock 
I rise 
With sheer determination 
I open my eyes 
God chosen, God called, and God justified 
I have fought the cause 
And paid the price 
To be a winner requires sacrifice 

The mountaintop is the vision I foresee 
With wisdom, knowledge, and a clear understanding 
I'm taking back what the devil stole from me 
For he has tried every trick and every trade 
Though a weak man I was never made 
For God is my joy and my strength 
And it was from Heaven I was sent 
Down to earth to trial and to test 
My sanctity that which separates me from the rest

In the midst of the valley I prayed 
By my side my Heavenly Father has stayed 
Pulling me into his comfort and warmth 
Even when in sin I strayed 

A new beginning he granted me 
Blessed me in my time of sorrow 
Whispered in my ear 
"My child look forward to a brighter tomorrow"

Mercy has left me speechless 
Vesting in sure delight 
My soul is rejoicing as 
My spirit has been revived 

God's amazing grace 
Has resurrected my 
Feeble decaying pottery 
Restored I am with a 
New beginning to fulfill forever's adventure 

To worship, exalt, and adore 
His name forever more 
Until time equals eternity 
And eternity meets me 

Kneeling down before my Savior's feet 
I rise 
With sheer determination 
I open my eyes 
To a crown in glory 
And streets of gold 
Wings like cherubim's 
Cloaked in a white robe 

The covenant has been sealed 
The beast laid to rest 
Experiencing beams from Heaven 
I know undoubtedly that I have 
Indeed passed my test <<...>> 

For my Father has looked down 
And smiled upon me 
He's opened up my blind eyes 
Now the victory I can see 

He's given me another day 
To preach and proclaim his word 
My work is not done, my time's not up 
Until all those around me have heard

The truth of His Testament 
And His prophetic will 
Of how Jesus will take the 
Keys and affirm the seal 

That He reigns over all creatures 
Great and small 
The supreme being in every nation 
Orchestrator and finisher of all creation 

Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam 
Atheist or agnostic 
The Almighty God is the only one 
Worthy to be exalted 

The one who created the Heavens and the earth 
The one who made the cool winds blow & waters be still 
The one who gave David the ability to conquer giants 
The one who kept Daniel in the lion's den 
The one who is the great "I AM" 

Yes, He is my provider 
He's my protection 
My peace 
My leaning post 
My strong tower 
My wheel in the middle of a wheel 
He's my healer 
He's my comforter 
He's my Lord of Lords and King of Kings 
My Jehovah, the one and only God, "I AM" 
Jesus Christ, the "Holy One" 

Even through terrorists attacks 
And disaster's ugly blow 
Still unto Him all honor and glory 
I will continue to show 

For He has proven faithful unto me 
Time and time again 
For ever since I was created 
By Satan and his army I was hated 

So, I say to the enemy of his attacks 
On that tragic and evil day 09-11-01 
If you thought you raised havoc 
And caused unforgettable pain 
Then you'd better think again because 
The war you started has just began 

As I have just suited up 
And have taken my place 
Now the Armour of God you are about to face 
With righteousness as my breastplate 
you are no match, 
And the gospel of peace at my feet 
you cannot tarry, 
Shielded by faith all you fiery darts 
I am able to quench 
Armed and loosed with the sword of the Spirit 
And the word of God as my protective helmet 
Total annihilation is the result of my victory 
And the ailment of your demise; therefore, 
I rise 
With sheer determination 
I open my eyes (okay can someone else please take it) <<...>> 

From the dust 
The filth he has washed away 
Made me whole and snow white clean 
Took all my sin and guilt away 

Who are you to hold me down? 
I once was lost but now I'm found 
I labor and one day I will get a crown 
When I hear the Holy trumpets sound 

I'm here not for you 
But for my Lord who has made me 
To be a vessel he can use 
Utilizing that which he gave me 

My momma prayed 
My daddy prayed deep in the night 
But they couldn't save me 
Couldn't bring me to this new height 

It was God Almighty 
Who wiped away these tears 
Mended my fragile heart 
That had been wounded for many years

Yet still I rise 
With sheer determination I open my eyes 
To behold the beauty 
The magnificence and rarity 
of the beautiful precious Rock 
I call JHV 

And still I rise 
Far and beyond the boundaries set 
By man's own limitations 
By man's own sweat 

And with proud 
Deliberate sweeps of faith 
I walk on water 
And calm storms in His name 

Author: Shankiea, Shan & Ness

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