Call Those Things That are 
Not as Though They Are

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by Sharon Culbertson

     As I waited year, in and year out for my dear husband to come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior, My heart was encouraged to know the testimony of my dear grandmother.  You see, she had waited over 40 years for my grandfather to get saved, so I guess I was prepared to wait 40 years, but the Lord was gracious and saved Greg in 20 years.

     I grew up in a "nice" church, a "sweet" church.  Unfortunately I was never told-that I had authority in the name of Jesus.  

     One cold January Sunday night., I sneaked over to a "different" church to see what they did in there. My life has not been the same since. Glory to God!!

     One of the greatest things I learned in my new church was that Greg was the head of our house (I knew that), but I became aware for the first time in 20 years that I was the spiritual head of the house if he was unsaved.

     They I began to learn How to pray for him. One day I sensed the Lord reminding me about the story in Exodus about when God delivered the Israelites from Egypt by sending the Death Angel over the homes.

     He impressed on my heart to do the same thing, but instead of using blood to use oil (to represent the Holy Spirit).  So I began to do that and to go throughout our home and pray, speak and believe the Word of God.  God showed me how to pray.  His Word says "You have not because you ask not" -- I was now asking.  Then His Word says -- you have not because you ask amiss -- or outside His Will -- Therefore, He taught me to pray His Word, which is His Will.  This is How He taught me to pray:  To pray over Greg's pillow and ask the Lord to Give him a desire to have the mind of Christ - To pray over his shoes and ask God to order his steps to cross paths with Godly men who would speak the Word of Truth into his heart so he would receive it and falls to his knees in repentance. To pray over his clothing and ask God to place within his heart a desire to be clothed in righteousness. To pray over his toothbrush and ask God to fill his mouth with the words He would have him to speak and last but certainly not least to pray over the shower and ask God as he stood there to rain down the Holy Spirit on him.  I also bound the lying, hindering spirits that tried to minister to him.

     A real miracle began to occur -- after 20 years of being married to his unsaved man, God began to get Greg's attention and after only a couple of months of my prayer to take authority. Greg met Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. Hallelujah.

     When my husband and I were dating, he once told me he didn't believe in God.  One day I found Gal. 1:23 and I began to pray that over him.  Within 3 years of his salvation he was on the staff at CBN. (That's another story -testimony.)

     One day about a year or so after my husband's salvation, I began to murmur and complain about how he wasn't "growing in the Lord" the way I felt he should be doing. For instance -- in the morning when I would come down the stairs and see the newspaper open on the dining room table as if a starving man couldn't wait to get into the "Word of the World" I would murmur and complain.  The Lord let me "get away with" this for a couple of weeks until one morning I came downstairs in my usual "Badittude" and the Lord smote my heart and said "Why don't you start praising me for the day you come down these stairs and find his Bible open like the paper is" -- that moment I saw the situation as it really was -- I had not been calling those things that were not as though they were.  Oh, how I did repent -- and then rejoiced.

     I began to get so excited in the morning to come down the stains so I could "see" his Bible open and pray for that day.

     Over the course of several weeks the morning paper went from being completely covering the table to just being open to the front of each section, to just the front page and sports pages being read to the paper still being in the plastic bag, to it being left in the yard, to the subscription expiring to the morning I walked down the stairs and seeing his Bible was opened on the table

Glory to God!!

  by Sharon Culbertson

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