Born Again and Not A Minute Too Late

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Amanda Radandt

  I had a lot of problems

some of every kind

I'd always have something

lagging on my mind.

I had a lot of bills

I could barely keep a dime

There was hardly any food

when it came to dinner-time.

I tried to overlook

the mess that was on the floor

But if I didn't clean it up,

the children would make more.

I did not have a social life

not a single friend

Who would want a companion

with not a thing to lend.

I could not imagine

what there was to be

If only someone could lift me up

and just set me free.

And so with all these problems

I thought of suicide

I wouldn't have all this stress

if only I had died.

But, do you know what came to me

as I thought it over

Something that changed my life

and turned my whole world over.

You see, the gates of Hell

are always open you may enter anytime

And the gates of Heaven are always open

but you may enter when its time.

I still have lots of problems

I will until the end

But now I have help dealing

from JESUS, my best friend.

Amanda Radandt

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