Too Anointed To Be Disappointed

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Author: Jumpingjack, Minister Shan Williams

Say, soul brother can I talk to you for a second
I don't have time for childish games of hide-n-seek and truth or dare
I will no longer submit to someone that just doesn't seem to care
I'm a mother and a wife, not a maid I can't run every time you beckon

I will no longer get my nails done and my hair fixed just to please you
I've grown up since then and I no longer believe that one plus three equals
Do you remember when you were the center of my world?
My morning sunrise and evening sunset, I was your feign and you were my dope
Stability in you I never found, like a weeping widow in you I lost hope

A naive yellow rose I was with a long green stem growing in your garden of
Unknowing the spell that you cast on me would cause me to produce such a
Of self-pity and self-destruction that I was so captivated by your
You always knew how to woo me giving nothing more and nothing less

Reborn with a new attitude I have found no longer will I be ridiculed and abused
I know my destiny I have accepted my faith it's you who has been left confused
The knowledge that I have and the ability that I have attained is a divine gift
I was chosen to lead and not to follow no longer to you will I serve rift

A tender kiss and a solid teardrop you have caressed me for the last time 
I have washed my hands and picked up my face no I won't change my mind 
Another level and a new devil I must encounter, but still I must rise up
For my destiny awaits me and I've had all that I can take from this bitter cup

Father I can see you in the distance and I know that you have answered my prayer
I am coming home from the abyss that I have trodden up from the enemies leer
Never again shall I fall victim or prey I vow unto you this day that I am free
I am aiming high and conquering all of my fears being all that I can be

A virtuous woman I am and a virtuous woman is me I've opened my eye's
No longer am I blinded by the past, no more sweet hello's and gay goodbye's
I have cried my last cry and licked my last wound I am taking off the bandages
For the whole world to see that I am absolutely too anointed to be disappointed! 

Author: Jumpingjack, Minister Shan Williams

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