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Written by Arland l. Hearn (Chip)

Our Heavenly Father I stand before 
you with hands open and a heart

which is filled with love so strong that it now cries with pain.

For the love which was given to our children 
has been pulled from our heart.

And all that remains is sadness and 
sorrow within a heart which is broken.

The pieces which I bring before you I lay at your feet

for only you can mend with love that which is broken.

As I see the face which I gently touched with love I know

that my world will never again be the same.

For this child was more than part of 
my world for He/She was my world.

The greatest and best part of my life 
which has now been taken away.

A gift from above, a jewel, a star to light my world,

someone so special that I would gladly 
lay down my life in exchange for theirs.

And when I remember them I will shed 
a tear and remember much

and feel their love once more.

For I know that where you are she/He 
is and my heart both cry's and rejoices.

For I know that you have prepared a place 
for them where they can live forever,

So when I gaze up into the heavens and 
see their beauty then I will know

how special each one of your stars are

For they were the light which warmed 
someone world with love.

And now they look down on this world and 
shed there light for the whole world to see.

I would ask only that the love which 
She/He has instilled within me

that I might have the ability to not 
only show others that love

but also the same qualities with 
which She/He embodied.



Written by Arland l. Hearn (Chip)


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