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A Might Oak Planted by Rivers of Living Water

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by Sharon Culbertson

     About a year after my husband met Jesus as his Savior -- I decided that he wasn't growing "fast enough".  Instead of praying about this I began to murmur to God telling Him about my dear husband's short comings.

     God was so gracious to me -- until one day, several weeks into my murmuring, He spoke to my heart and said "Why don't you start praising me -- thanking me for how long it is taking for this mighty man of God to be created". I thought, "Gee, why would I ever do that." Then He said, "Don't you see the mighty oak tree -- when that little acorn falls to the ground and the earth covers it over to be hidden from sight until the little sapling finally peeks through the soil.  Daughter, don't you understand -- the longer  it takes for that first shoot of that sapling to appear -- the greater and stronger the foundation, the root system will be anchored into the ground. Otherwise, the tree (your husband) would blow down by the first good wind.  Do you desire him to be sugar cane, with very shallow roots, or a mighty oak, able to withstand the greatest of storms and winds?  Oh, how I did rejoice, for the longer it took for me to see (faith is the evidence of things not seen) any growth in Greg, the greater the foundation that was being laid.

Glory to God!!


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