A Vision of Love

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Author: Jumpingjack, Minister Shan Williams

Tears streaming down 
His heart is breaking 
Unable to withstand the tragedy 
For which is taking place 
He gently sighs turns His face 
And walks away in sorrow

Away from the pain and the 
Heartbreak of sin, the hurt is 
Unbearable to see His perfect 
Light overshadowed by darkness 
To watch its savor being zapped 
By forces of terror and destruction 
Is uncontainable, yet still He walks on 

As He walks on, He stumbles 
For the agony and the suffering 
Endured causes even Him to think 
I cannot go on, I have to do something 
I have to stand, I have to fight
I simply cannot allow my child
My blood, My greatest love of all 
To carryout this fate 

The beating the mocking, wait....... 
Oh, no! Someone just spit in his face
I cannot take anymore 
A crown of thorns, an old rugged cross
As they pierced Him in the side 
His Father thought, this is too much 
"Father, Father why has thou forsaken me?" 
He heard His beloved son say 

"That's it my son, forget it for your....... 
Father is on His way" 
Slowly turning to put and end to this demise 
Grace caught Him by one hand and 
Mercy by the other
Quickly and steadily they led Him 
To a quiet place of rest, away from the 
Anguish of adhering to His beloved's despairing cry 

There He wrestled within himself over and over again 
Why? why? why? 
Why does this awful ordeal have to happen? 
Then suddenly it all came to Him and 
Clearly He foreseen the aftermath unfold 
The transgression and iniquities 
That were being destroyed as the 
Innocent blood of His only begotten 
Son was shed for all eternity 
Lost souls resurrected as life begins anew 
The angels rejoiced because the vision of 
Love surpassed the darkness of sin 
And opened up the doorway to Heaven 
A bridge to everlasting for you and for me. 

Author: Jumpingjack, Minister Shan Williams

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