A Chain Poem (CeCe Community Family)

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Author: Shankiea, Ness & Shan

I will say of the Lord 
He is my strong tower 
My place of refuge 
The one true power 

He's my joy and my peace 
In the midst of the raging storm 
He's my everything 
My daily bread and my morning song 

For God is with me always 
He's the protector of my very soul 
Daily I worship Him 
For He has made me whole 

Comforter and Counselor 
In Him alone I put my trust 
My confidante and friend 
So faithful and just 

My heart is heavy, my flesh 
Is weak; patiently He waits 
When challenged by sin, 
To Him I seek 

I seek for resolve 
For the peace to overtake me 
For a shattering of this wall 
For a love that will never forsake me 

Suddenly, overcome by his nature 
Motionless I lay succumbed from within 
Saturated physically by His anointed touch 
Freed from captivity, I am revived again 

A dwindled flower suddenly blooms 
Diminishing pain and making room 
For I've just given birth to hope and faith 
His presence has come pulling together time and grace 

How dare I even think of letting go? 
Such an unspeakable joy he's allowed me to know 
He's taken me in from the midst of the storm 
Wiped away the tears and mended that which was torn

Resurrected, refreshed, restored back to life 
No longer tormented by darkness, principalities, and strife 
No demon can mimic, no devil can reciprocate that which I see
The new incorporeal, divine, celestial me

I have accepted my power I am one with my fate 
Before this world is destroyed by envies and hate
A mighty battle-axe and a strong tower I must stand
A beam from heaven guided and crafted by God's own hand

My gratitude can never be expressed 
For the life I live and every breath 
For the second chance to make things right 
For the blanket of protection deep in the night 

He's my rock on which I stand 
No one could take his place, no woman, no man 
He lays me down and provides sweet rest 
Forever I marvel in the beauty of his holiness

A statuesque silhouette of immaculate perfection
A sacred imagery of divine erection
Pure and holy unadulterated by sin
An essence so captivating, quite envied by men

A love shattering hate that fights to prevail within 
A cocoon of tranquility that I've come to dwell in 
Faith as a grain that moves the mountains that stand tall 
A Father that in times of anguish I can lift my voice and call

He's my peace in the morning and solace by night 
My strength in battle when I've lost my fight 
He's the victorious monarch over my enemies 
Forever grateful I bow before Him upon my knees

To worship and adore, honor and obey 
Created in His image, to sin I did fall prey 
A resurrected spirit and a dying flesh 
Loosed from the serpents spell I am forever blessed

Now I shall stand adorned in Holy gear 
I shall not forfeit victory in the face of fear 
I shall look to the hills and complete this course 
The Kingdom suffered violence and the violent taketh by force

Under the shadow of "The Almighty" I shall abide
Awaiting the bridegroom's return for his bride
Blessing His name and obeying His word
He promised not to return until all flesh has heard

The gospel of Christ preached in season and out
Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and a great shout
Come before His presence with praise
Why don't you give Him all the rest of your days?

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good
Magnify the Lord with me, humble and wholly, if you would
A lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path
Hurry, there's still time before tribulation's wrath!

By: The Originator, The Poet Extraordinaire, and The Sage

Authors: Shankiea, Ness & Shan

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