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     The nation is struggling to find an answer for the Massacre that took place at Columbine.  The government seems to have focused it primary attention on guns as the root cause.  I believe the root cause of the significant increase in violence among teens and other issues facing our nation is two fold: our departure from values that place emphasis on a trust in God and our departure from basing our laws and guidelines on the principles set forth in the Word of God.
     There is less focus on their being a right and wrong and more emphasis on individual choices.  We know what happens with individual choices.   God teaches us in Psalms 14:12 and 16:25, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

This page will connect you to links to see what others are saying about the shootings at Columbine.

Darrell Scott, Father of two victims of Columbine High School Shootings speaks to the House of Representatives.  Powerful thoughts! Father of 2 Columbine Victims Testimony before Congress.
Paul Harvey Comments on the shootings at questions whether guns are the problem or is the problem much deeper than that.   Paul Harvey - Comments on Columbine
Dimple McInvale sent the Bible Place an article about Protecting School Kids from Satanic Occults.     Protecting School Children From Occults


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