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Spiritual Warfare in Today's Church

Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin

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1.  Introduction
2.  Study Tips
3.  The Spiritual is more Real than the Natural
4.  We are Called to be Soldiers in this Spiritual War
5.  The Battle is Described
6.  We are Given Authority to Act Against the Devil
7.  What is Satan Doing Today
8.  How to Recognize Satan at Work Today
   A.  Symptoms of Indwelling Demons
     (1) Emotional Problems
     (2) Mental Problems
     (3) Speech Problems
     (4) Sex Problems
     (5) Addictions
     (6) Physical Infirmities
     (7) Religious Error
       (a) False Religions:
       (b) Christian Cults:
       (c) Occult and Spiritism:
       (d) False Doctrines:
    B. Discerning Spirits
9. How to Fight
   A. Understand how Satan Works


   B. Don't Fight in our Own Strength
   C. Learn to Speak out Loud to the Spirits
   D. Learn to Recognize God
   E. Accept the Truth of Demon Possession
   F. Pray and Fast on a Regular Basis
   G. Use the Power of Binding and Loosing
   H. Renew our Minds
   I. Pray for Spiritual Insight
   J. Deny Ourselves and Follow Jesus
10. How to Gain Deliverance
   A. Turn to God and Repent
   B. Be Honest & Acknowledge Your Sin
   C. Ask God to Cleanse You
   D. Ask God to Renew You
   E. Now We Are Equipped to Fight
   F. Submit to God and Resist the Devil
   G. Get Rid of the Evil Items
   H.  Pray to God
   I.  Warfare
11.  We must Strive to Grow Spiritually
12.  Wear the Clothes of Warfare
13.  The Principle of the Hedge
14.  Remember, Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free
15.  Spiritual Revelation
16.  Other Good Reading Materials