Bible Teaser

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1. The most frequently mentioned woman in the Bible is:
a.) Eve b.) Sarah c.) The Virgin Mary d.) Rachel

2. The most frequently mentioned man, after Jesus himself, is:
a.) David b.) Abraham c.) Moses d.) Paul

3. The longest book in the Bible is:
a.) Jeremiah b.) Genesis c.) Ezekiel d.) Psalms

4. The shortest book in the Bible is:
a.) 2nd John b.) Obadiah c.) Philemon d.) Nahum

5. The shortest verse in the Bible is: ____________________

6. The shortest prayer in the Bible is : ___________________

7. The Old Testament book most often referred to or quoted in the 
New Testament is: 
a.) Psalms b.) Isaiah c.) Daniel d.) Genesis

8. What is the only book in the Bible that does not mention God?____

9. Which two books in the Bible begin with "In the beginning...."?
____________ and ____________

10. What is the most often used noun in the Bible?
a.) Lord b.) Israel c.) water d.) wilderness

11. Which book of the Bible spans more time than all the others? ___

12. The very last word in the Bible is _______. 


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