Bible Numbers

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James and Teresa Burkhart

     Since school is about and the most dreaded subject of students is MATH, let's have some fun with Bible Numbers this month. All you have to do is read the sentence below and fill in the correct number in the blank.

1. ________ Number of days Moses was on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments

2. ________ Age of Methuselah when he died

3. ________ Noah's age when he entered the ark

4. ________ Number of loaves the little boy gave Jesus

5. ________ This number of virgins forgot to bring oil for their lamps

6. ________ Number of children attacked by two bears when the children mocked Elisha

7. ________ Gideon wound up with this number of men in his army

8. ________ Jacob served Laban this many years in order to marry his daughters

9. ________ Age of John the Baptist when his father received his speech again

10. ________ Number of windows in the ark

11. ________ Paul shipwrecked this many times

12. ________ Age of Josiah when he began to reign

13. ________ Lazarus had been dead this many days when he was raised back to life

14. ________ Age of Abraham when Isaac was born

15. ________ Number of years in a millennium

16. ________ Jesus appointed and sent out this number of people two by two

17. ________ Age of Joseph when he was sold by his brothers to the Midianites

18. ________ This number in scripture often specks of perfection

19. ________ Number of people in the ark

20. ________ Rahab hid this many spies in the city of Jericho

James and Teresa Burkhart

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