Animals of the Bible

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James and Teresa Burkhart

1. What bird served as food in the wilderness?

2. What animals ate the carcass of Jezebel?

3. What did God provide as a substitute sacrifice for Isaac?

4. What miraculous animals parted Elijah and Elisha as Elijah was taken by a whirlwind into heaven?

5. What animal panting for water illustrated one man's desire for God?

6. The peaceful nature of God's kingdom (church), was prophesied figuratively as being a time when a lamb and a _______ would dwell together.

7. What builds its home even in kings palaces?

8. This animal was a plague God sent upon Egypt.

9. This animal is "strongest among beasts."

10. This type of dog is one of the four "comely things".

11. The tempter took the form of a __________ to tempt Eve.

12. The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus "like a ________".

James and Teresa Burkhart

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