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God's Plan for Salvation

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Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin

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1. Introduction
2.  Man was Created Perfect
3.  Adam's Sin Caused All Men to be Sinners
4.  What is Sin?
5. Sacrifice of Animals Instituted for Sins
6. Animal Sacrifices Could Not Pay the Price
7. Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice, Paid the Price for Sin
8. The Actual Steps for Salvation
8.1. We Must Acknowledge and Repent of our Sins
8.2. We must Confess and Believe that Jesus is Lord
8.3. We must be Born Again
8.4. We must be Born of the Water: Baptized
8.5 We must be Born of the Spirit
8.6 We are Saved by Faith (Our Belief in Jesus)
8.7 We must live Holy
9. Understanding Faith in the Salvation Process
10. The Dangers of Not Understanding/Acting on God's Word
10.1 Not Believing in the Heart
10.2 We Must Obey God's Word
10.3 We Must Abide in Jesus
10.4 We Must Learn to Serve God Acceptably
10.5 We Must Deny Ourselves and Follow Jesus
10.6 We Cannot Live In Sin
10.7 Not Growing to Perfection
10.8 Finally the Parable of the Ten Virgins
11. Other Points of Study
11.1 We Will be Tried by Fire
11.2 Living In Sin Willfully
11.3 False Prophets and Apostles
11.4 A Brief Look at Judas
11.5 What About Hell
11.6 Seven Churches of Revelations
12. How to Build Your Salvation on a Firm Foundation
13. The Process of Strengthening Our Foundation
14. Scriptures to Build Your Hope On
15. We Can Be Certain of our Salvation
16. Final Destination, Heaven

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