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We invite you to read and study our online lessons and then take an online test or enroll in our online course, see below.

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Online Test

God's Plan for Salvation Test - Salvation
Reading a Bible (Spiritual Growth)  Test - Reading  
Baptism Test - Baptism 
Fasting Test - Fasting 
Spiritual Relationships Test - Spiritual Relationships
Marriage Test - Marriage
Gifts & Callings Test - Gifts and Callings 
Spiritual Warfare Test - Spiritual Warfare 
Spiritual Warfare 2:
Know Your Enemy
Test - Spiritual Warfare 2 
     You are also invited to enroll in the Bible Place Institute (PBI).  We have created the BPI  to allow our guest to
complete an online bible study course, complete with testing.  You can  work at your own pace and if you complete the work you will receive a certificate from the Bible Place certifying that you have completed a study of Basic Christian Beliefs.  Most of all you will have gained to yourself a greater knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!

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