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     Hi!  Glad you are here.  I wanted to share something special with those who ventured into this site.  The Lord has blessed me to travel the world which was my dream.  I welcome you to tour the world with me in pictures. I am an avid photographer and I keep my Canon A1 in tote.  

Updated:   See the new PIC in Churches, Honduras, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the USA.  Click Above!!

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     Eventually there will be approximately 100 pictures specially formatted for your viewing pleasure from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canary Islands, Czechoslovakia, England, Germany, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Okinawa, Spain and Switzerland, . ENJOY THE TOUR!!
     If you want picture to use as a screen background , email me and I will load higher quality pics here for you to download.
     Visit Viewers Section  at the TU-COWS site to download a picture viewer to convert this file to a " .bmp" file to use as a windows background. 

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