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Music By Thinking: Home Piano Course

|| About Course || Course Excerpts ||  Price ||

     This course is a complete home study course for teaching yourself to play a keyboard instrument.

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This course is for everyone from children to adults.

My son began playing for the youth choir at the age of 11 years old.

My oldest daughter plays regularly on our home piano. 

While stationed in Japan, I used these same principles to teach both an accomplished concert pianist and jazz musician in the art of playing gospel music.


     Absolutely no knowledge of music or instruments required. Click button to read the books introduction and some excerpts from the book to see how easy it is. 
     Sample the course material by reading the Course's Introduction.


Music By Thinking, Home Piano Course           Course          $ 24.90
Music By Thinking, Home Piano Course           Book             $12.95
Music By Thinking, Home Piano Course           Video            $11.95    
Handling & Shipping (per individual or set)                             $   5.00

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     This course, while applicable to all styles of music, was designed with the Christian musician in mind.  It takes you from selecting an instrument to practice on to actually playing music by thinking about it.  It teaches you 
     (1) the layout of the keyboard
     (2) musical terms, 
     (3) general information on sounds, 
     (4) body position and playing techniques, 
     (5) chords, 
     (6) scales, 
     (7) reading and writing music, 
     (8) how to hear music for the purpose of playing it by thinking, 
     (9) principles for playing by thinking, 
     (10) and provides a series of lessons that connects the book together and takes you from start to finish.   
     This course incorporates everything from teaching you how to select an instrument to practice on to the actual process of creating music itself.

     The book is divided into the following sections:

1.  THEORY -- teaches you about the keyboard, common music terms, proper body positions, and special terms used throughout the book.
2.  READING -- teaches you basic knowledge about reading music and chord progress.
3.  PRINCIPLES FOR PLAYING -- teaches you to listen to music, steps for finding notes, an d steps to finding the key to a song.  If also gives the principles that will allow you to play music by thinking.
4.  LESSONS -- ties the previous three sections together and gives an orderly progression for learning to play.
5.  SAMPLE MUSIC, WORK SHEET, INFORMATION -- provides you with sample music, worksheets and other required information.

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Author Rev. Kelvin Franklin  
Email Email:
Book Title Music By Thinking, Home Piano Course
ISBN 04570463
Copyright December 1991by  KC Enterprises.  All right reserved.


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