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     Here is our forum for Christian writers.  Provide us a complete manuscript or excerpts and we will publish them here.  Read our Writers Guidelines.   email2.gif (1444 bytes)   us for additional details. 
    The first story "Never Give Up" was my inspiration for completing this web site.  I got discouraged many times along the way.  But, the Lord kept placing it in my heart to build this site because it was the right thing to do.  I know the message that he gave me to share that "He wants his people to grow in knowledge" is the RIGHT ONE
     My prayer is that this site will inspire people to study God's Word and get to know their Saviour in a personal, intimate relationship!!

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Links to Readings On Columbine Shootings

  You Are Special - Poem (Tribute to Bible Place) Nancy Reed


   The Essentials of Prayer   (posted 5 Sep 00) Allen Lewis
   God Opposes the Proud  (posted 5 Sep 00) Joe Vetromile
   Fly On, My Sweet Angel  (posted 15 Sep 99) Betsy Anderson
   Adversity: The Breeding Ground for Miracles (Posted 6/18/99) Rev Bob Havey

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   Grace's Miracles  (Posted 5 Sep 00)   John Hughes
   Musical Revelation (Posted 4/29/00)   David Williams
   What Happened to the Church of Jesus Christ? (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   A Little Child Shall Lead Them  (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   That Small Still Voice  (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   Call Those Things that are Not as Though They Are   (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   Honor and Respect   (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   A New Wineskin For His Glory  (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   Dry Feet  (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   A Mighty Oak Planted by Rivers of Living Water (Posted 4/29/00)  Must Read ***** Sharon Culbertson
   Protecting School Kids From Satanic Occults (Posted 6/18/99) Dimple McInvale

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   Father of 2 Columbine Victims Inspiring Speech to U.S. House of Rep. MUST READ

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   Never Give Up (Col. Sanders Story) Steve May
   Can I Be Used Unknown

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  Vision of Love  (posted 21 Nov 01)  Jumpingjack
  We Need The Lord  (posted 21 Nov 01)  Jumpingjack
  Chain Poem  (posted 21 Nov 01)  Jumpingjack
  Too Anointed to be Disappointed  (posted 21 Nov 01)  Jumpingjack
  Chain Poem 2  (posted 21 Nov 01)  Jumpingjack
  Christian Walk  (posted 27 Oct 01)  Jerome Strutchen
   Fields of Green  (posted 18 Sep 00)  Molly Beechinor
   Lamp Unto Her Feet  (posted 16 Sep 00)  Kylie Welch
   Chasing  (posted 16 Sep 00)  Must Read ***** Kylie Welch
   Trinity (posted 16 Sep 00)   Kylie Welch
   The Kings Highway   (posted 5 Sep 00)  Must Read ***** Unknown
   Depends on Whose Hands it is In  (posted 5 Sep 00)  Must Read ***** Unknown
   New Beginnings  (posted 5 Sep 00) Albert W. Pelley
   O Ship of Zion   (posted 5 Sep 00)  Must Read ***** Sherry
   The Road   (posted 5 Sep 00)  David Cortez
   Gardening God's way (posted 27 Dec  99) Unknown
   That's What Christians Do Now
(posted 27 Dec  99)  Must Read *****
   Welcome Home       (posted 27 Dec  99) Sara Stephens
   Forgiveness       (posted 27 Dec  99) 
Must Read *****
Rhonda Pasibe
   The New School Prayer       (posted 26 Dec  99) Unknown
   Gift       (posted 15 Sep 99) Amanda Radandt
   A Prayer for Life   (posted 15 Sep 99) Amanda Radandt
   Born Again     (posted 15 Sep 99) Amanda Radandt
   Trust In God    (posted 15 Sep 99) Amanda Radandt
   The Answer     (posted 15 Sep 99) Dawn M. Jones
   Our Father's Love    (posted 15 Sep 99) Rhonda Pasibe
   Heaven's Grocery Store - Must Read ***** Ron DeMarco
   Teach Me Daddy   (Posted 2 Jul 99) Rhonda Pasibe
   Today I Taught My Child Unknown
   Did Jesus Use A Modem Unknown
   The Lord's Prayer    **** Unknown
   The Paradox of Our Age...   **** Unknown
   The Guy In The Glass (Mirror)    ***** Peter "Dale" Wimbrow Sr
   Gift Of God Lance Elam 
   Friends Unknown
   The Search Lance Elam 
   What If Unknown

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   My Prayer Today Johnnie Gillum
   Prayer Before the Kansas Legislature Pastor Joe Wright
   A Poem for Littleton - A Parents Prayer Arland l. Hearn
   A Prayer for the Children   * * * * * Unknown
   A Prayer for Friends Unknown

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   Face to Face with a Murderer   Dr Trudy Veerman
   Hiring Steve   (Very Touching!!!) Unknown
   The Simple Life Carlita Head
   The Rock Unknown
   A Checkin' In    **** Unknown
   Want A Taste - Must Read   ***** Unknown
   And God Said....No! Unknown
   The Car Unknown
   Instructions for Life Unknown
   Child's Explanation of God Danny Dutton
   A Little Inspiration Unknown
   Lessons Unknown
   Stories to Make Your Day Unknown

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