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     How could we live without a Musician's Place (Smile)!!

     I am a Gospel Pianist so I just had to add this segment. 

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     Here we will post tips and feedback from our musician community.  We will discuss how and why we do music, how to be effective at it, as well as share information on the latest in electronic technology. 

Music Retailers

Musician's Friends World's Largest Direct-Mail Music Gear Company, Get the Catalog -- could save you a lot of money

Music Software

Cakewalk  Sequencing software that runs on your computer

My History

     I have been playing the piano for 15 years, self-taught.  My favorite music styles are Praise and Worship and Gospel, in that order. 

     After the Lord taught me how to play, He laid it on my heart to teach others.  In that wise, I have published a music course entitled "Music By Thinking, Home Piano Course" that I will be advertising on the site shortly.   If you want a copy now, email2.gif (1444 bytes) us for details.

     Currently I am using CakeWalk Pro version 5 and MidiScan version 2.5 software.   For instruments, I also own a Yamaha Baby Grand model G3, Yamaha DX7II w/FD,   Roland Midi Player SD-35, and a computer midi interface made by Key Electronic Inc.   With my current setup I have the  capability to Scan music and play it back via my midi setup or play music on my synthesizer and print it out as sheet music.   

     We want to hear from you.  email2.gif (1444 bytes)  us your inputs and tips and we will post them here.

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