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Marriage - The Best Part of Life

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Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin


1. Introduction
   a. The Importance of Marriage 
   b. Holding Onto The Best Part
2. The Episcopal Marriage Service
3. Analyzing the Marriage Vows
   a. God is our Witness
   b. God Ordained and Instituted the Marriage
   c. Marriage Must be Entered in Truth
   d. We are to Separate from our Relatives


   e. Husband's Duty
   f. Wives Duty
   g. Making a Vow
   h. Marriage is a life long commitment
   i. Establishing the Covenant
4. How to Overcome Problems in the Marriage
5. The Principle of Forgiveness in Marriage
6. Treat Your Marriage/Family Like it is Terminally Ill
7. In Conclusion
   a. Simple Steps To Success In Marriage
   b. Role of a Servant

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