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     We recommend establishing a good Christian reference center to support your bible study efforts.   Below are recommendation and tips for building a well rounded home library

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     Visit our Store Home Page for links to our stores like the Bible Place Christian Book Store where you can order resources online.

Christian Reference Library

Reference books (bible, dictionary, concordance, etc.) are the tools needed for an in-depth study of the bible.  This list contains highly recognized (credible) resources that are the favorites of many pastors, teachers and lay people.  

Type Name ISBN Number Description Est. Price
Bible* Thompson Chair Reference   The Word of God

$30 - 90

Concordance* Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible


Showing every word of the bible

$11 - 25

Dictionary* Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary


Definitions with Ref. to Strong's Numbers

$12 - 25

Commentary Matthew Henry Commentary   A person's interpretation of the scriptures

$50 - 100

Christian Computer Resources

Biblical software are a great aid to the study of the word of God (others to be posted soon).

NAME FEATURES Company Est Cost
Quick Verse* Several Bible Versions, Strong's Concordance with Hebrew & Greek Libraries, Holman Bible Dictionary, PC Bible Atlas, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Scriptures Parsons Technology

$129 - $89

Christian Book Library

Now that you have the reference tools you need, now you can add supporting books that will broaden your knowledge base.



New Testament Survey Merrily C. Tenney 0-8028-3611-9 Historical survey of the New Testament
Lion's Handboook of the Bible David & Pat Alexander 0-85648-320-6 Comprehensive Bible Guide
Major Bible Themes Lewis Sperry Chafer, Zondervan Publishing House, Grands Rapids, Michigan Library of Congress 73-17641 52 Vital Doctrines of the Scriptures Simplified and Explained
Smith's Bible Dictionary Barbour and Company Inc 1-55748-017-6 Dictionary
Hyles Church Manual Dr. Jack Hyles 0-87398-372-6 Great Church Ref.
Handbook of Denominations Frank S. Mead 0-687-01478-6 Information on more than 200 religious groups in the U.S.
The Prayer Ministry of the Church Watchman Nee 0-935008-30-6  
smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Let's Weigh the Evidence Barry Burton 0-937958-17-4 Learn the difference between bibles so you can choose wisely!  MUST HAVE BOOK!!
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The Two Babylons
Rev. Alexander Hislop   Paganism integration into Christianity
Prophet Frank E. Peretti 0-89107-618-2  
Pigs in the Parlor Frank & Ida Mae Hammond Impact Books, Inc, 137 W. Jefferson Ave., Kirwood, MO 63122  
Prepare for War Rebecca Brown MD 0-937958-26-3  

Christian Video Resources

Videos are great sources for receiving knowledge.

Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships The Gary Smalley Seminar (800) 232-3232 Great Video for Couples, Aid in building strong, loving   relationships

* = Sources I have in my home library.  You can also see if these books are available from the Christian Book Distributors.

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