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Teach Yourself To Read the Bible: Scriptural Guide to Growth

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Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin

1. Introduction
2. Growing Up Spiritually
3. Step 1: FAITH
4. Step 2: VIRTUE
5. Step 3: KNOWLEDGE
    a. The Bible, The Word of God
       i. Jesus is the Word
       ii. The Word is the Bread of Life
       iii. The Word came from God, Not Man
       iv. The Bible is a Spiritual Book
    b. The Word is Spiritual Food to Grow On
    c. Reading God's Word
       i. Which Bible to Choose
       ii. A Good Reading Pattern
       iii. Note Taking
       iv. How to Read
       v. When to Read the Word of God
       vi. Recommended Technique
       vii. My Favorite Bible
    d. Understanding the Word of God
       i. Study
          (1) Tools of Study
          (2) Tips for Studying
              (a) Chapter Study
              (b) Book Study
              (c) Word Study
              (d) Study Notes
       ii. Pray to God
       iii. Meditate on God's Word
       iv. Listen to the Holy Spirit
    e. Ignorance is no Excuse
6. The Other Steps
7. Final Word

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