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Offering Online Bible Study Courses  (Click here to see Sample Course Listing)

     The Bible Place Institute (BPI) was created to offer online Bible Study Courses to those desiring to grow in the Knowledge of God.  You can also earn a diploma through our Basic Christian Belief Course.

     BPI believes that the Holy Spirit will teach and guide each believer.  Our prayer is that the scriptural teachings presented here helps each believer to become a strong, vibrant member of the church of Christ, able to minister and bring others to Christ under the leading of the Holy Spirit.  

Teaching you So You  can Grow and Learn to Grow Others

     As a wise person once said, "Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day.  Teach him to fish and he will never go hungry again."  BPI want to teach you how to fish (how to read, study and learn to hear the word of God) so that you can walk with God for the rest of your life.  We do not strive to teach doctrine or what to believe.  We trust the Holy Spirit will do that Job.  We do strive to teach you how to ready, study and listening to the Holy Spirit so you can forever learn and grow in the knowledge of God. 

"Teach Yourself The Gospel" Series

     "Teach Yourself the Gospel" Series is a group of lessons that teach Christians the basics of Christianity.  Along with teaching basic truths, the lessons focus on equipping believers with the knowledge to teach themselves how to read and study the bible.  The lessons are easy to read and understand while providing a wealth of knowledge and information.
      Study pamphlets can either be read online for FREE or be purchased for a small fee.

Course Listing 

     Our first online course is Basic Christian Belief Bible Study Course. 

     This course is design to provide every believer with a scriptural understanding of the key principles of the Christian Faith.  This course is especially designed for those who have never read or studies the bible.  It is written in a simplistic format yet it is comprehensive enough to provide insights to those who have studied these subject before.  

     We will be adding more advanced courses in the future. 

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