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Teach Yourself About Spiritual Relationships

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Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin
Table of Contents

Section 1

1. Introduction
2. Sin Will Destroy any Relationship
3. Guidelines for Married and Singles
4. Single Relationships
5. The Marriage Relationship
    A. The Divorce Question
    B. Husband's Duty
    C. Wives Duty
    D. Being One in Marriage
6. Always Treat Your Marriage and Family Like It's Terminally Ill

Section 2

7. The Married Ministry Team
8. The Relationship of Parents and Children
9. We Must Never Neglect Our Family
10. Whose Fault Is It?
11. Sin is the Ultimate Problem in Every Relationship
12. Prayer is an important part of any relationship

Section 3

13. Friendships
    A. A Basis of Friendship
    B. Money Matters
    C. Destructive Words
    D. Results of Bad Friendships
    E. Good Friendships Mold Character
    F. Preserve Your Friendship
    G. How to Maintain Peace in Your Relationships
    H. The Dangers of Breeches in a Relationship
    I. How to Choose Friends
    J. How to Stay out of Trouble
14. Steps to a Happy Relationship
    A. The Importance of Controlling the Tongue
       (1) Our Tongue Control Death and Life
       (2) Our Words Control Our Destiny
       (3) The Lord Hates a Forward Tongue
       (4) Blessing Come Through the Right Words
       (5) The Effects of No Control of the Tongue
       (6) No Control Destroys Friendships
       (7) The Effects of Good Words
       (8) The Blessings of Controlling the Tongue
       (9) How to Discern Good and Evil
       (10) How to Change Your Mouth
15. Christian Relations
    A. Our Duty to Reconcile Trespasses with One Another
    B. Responsibility to Teach Each Other
16. In Conclusion